There are three major suction system

  • AIR






Tokyo Giken is the professional central suction manufacture.

What is central suction?

Several suctions of units can be operated by one powerful suction motor

Several suctions


・Operating cost

・Maintenance cost

The feature of Tokyo Giken’ s central suction

Return piping system

Remaining sewerage inside pipes was the biggest concern of central suction system.
All sewerages will be removed from pipes by installing return piping system.


Exhaust air from suction contains numerous contaminants.
Super bio filter will capture the contaminants of 0.3 nm or
more at the efficiency of over 99.97%.
Super bio filter is necessary to maintain clinic environment safe and hygiene.

Without Super bio filter

Without Super bio filter

With Super bio filter

With Super bio filter


Recommended suction model
Depends on your clinic size
(How many dental units are installed?)

unit suction
unit x1 TCS-TS2
unit x2 TCS-MAX
unit x5 TCS-1.5MAX

6 or more.

*Central suction system can be installed on large facility such as hospital or university.


  1. Case 1Suction fails to activate

    - Connect firmly or change connector.

  2. Case 2Suction activation is slow

    【Belt is slipping】- Replace the belt.

  3. Case 3Abnormal noise

    【Belt is slipping】- Replace the belt.
    【 Suction leakage from the separator cover】- Change the separator cover and packing.

  4. Case 4Suction Pressure is low

    【Separator wire-mesh is clogged】- clean wire-mesh
    【 The drain valve of the separator is disconnected】- Connect the drain valve
    【 Suction leakage from the separator cover or packing】- Change the separator cover and packing

*These are only a part of major causes and troubleshooting.
If the problem still remains, please contact your distributor
Do not attempt decomposition to repair by yourself.