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Automatic machines

We have been long engaged in the development, design, and manufacture of variety of automatic labor-saving machines. We have been focused on how we design and manufacture the machines that fully satisfy customers’ needs.

To meet customers’ requirements, specifications, and uses, these machines are based on applicable technology and know-how we have accumulated so far.

Some of our manufactured automatic machines are combined with customers’ exist machines, to be a consistent system. Our techniques have been highly rated in Japan and in foreign countries.
Please contact us when you plan to install an automatic machine.

Various technologies to support automation

Basically, as automatic machines are qualified to combine with the different technologies in order to satisfying the customers, we are willing to take new technologies and have deeply learned each ones. Following technologies are one of our specialties.

Casing, device-assembly, and conveying method

Assemble various parts and products and suggest conveying method.

Conveying test tubes

Automatically convey, collect and/or sort medicines, reagents or test-tubes.

Dispense reagent

Dispense medicine, reagent or testers equally.

Aluminum foil welding technology

Automation technique that heat welds aluminum foil in a plastic case.

Lead forming technology

Forming lead wire on electronic devices.


Picking-up / lining-up parts, in-process products and final products.

Coating technology on conveyor

Coating process in lead frames through feed pitching

Technology of ultrasonic blow cleaning to semiconductor

Picking up semiconductor, and after ultrasonic blow cleaning, store it.

Product Development Results

  1. Automatic reel changer for emboss taping machine
  2. Handler for automatic screening machine (for ICs, diodes, condensers, and hall devices, etc.)
  3. Machine for forming punching from lead frames (for chip transistors)
  4. Machine for individual cutting, forming, and screening (for chip condensers)
  5. IC (lead frame) automatic sealing and delivering machine
  6. Laser diode automatic sealing and delivering machine
  7. オートリールチェンジャーPallet conveying-type automatic sealing machine
  8. Various pick and place machines
  9. Various index-type conveying machines
  10. Various conveyers
  11. Various chain conveying machines
  12. Hoop reel frame conveying coating machine
  13. Semiconductor ultrasonic blow conveying machine

And many others

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