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Quality Policy



Tokyo Giken, Inc. has acquired the certification for Quality Management System ISO9001 on March 2001 at the Yokohama Plant and been supplying the products that users trust.
Furthermore, Tokyo Giken, Inc. has acquired certification for Quality Management System ISO13485 on April 2005. ISO13485 is the International Standard, which is based on ISO9001. Also it assures the quality and safety that is required for medical equipments that affect human life and health.

ISO9001 ISO13485 JQA

Working Environment Measurement Agency

Tokyo Giken,Inc. has received the registration approval for Working Environment Measurement Agency,which is set under the Industrial Safety and Health Law and started the operation since September 2008 for the purpose of promoting the development of safe and comfortable environment. According to law, Working Environment Measurement Agency,which is designing (deciding the location for sampling), sampling (collecting air for analysis), and analysis in order to measure the actual condition in working environment. Tokyo Giken, Inc. is allowed to measure particular chemicals such as formalin and benzene.
Tokyo Giken, Inc. not only operates this measurement in the workplace but also measures and analyzes the noise, the odor, and the dust of working area in dental operatory room. Tokyo Giken, Inc. are pleased to offer that this new system to dentists and patients for their safety and health maintenance.


Quality Policy

With passion, enthusiasm, and desperate efforts...

  1. We listen to the requests from our customers and offer high quality products that satisfy customers.
  2. We promise to be aware of importance as medical devices on our products and to follow Act and the rule requirements.
  3. We define the quality goal based on quality policy, maintain the effectiveness of management system, and improve it continuously through the action to make an effort to achieve the goal.

Keisuke Watanabe : President

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