The Tokyo Giken Yokohama Factory received ISO9001 certification in March of 2001 and ISO13485 certification in April of 2005, and as a trusted pioneer of central suction systems, provides central suction systems of high quality to the satisfaction of our customers.
Built upon ISO9001, ISO13485 is an international standard containing additional requirements to guarantee the quality and safety required for medical equipment that directly affects irreplaceable human life.

Yokohama Factory

Design, development and manufacturer of dental suction equipment, dental suction pumps, electric suction devices and heat activated dental whitening equipment.

Working Environment Measurement Agency

Since September 2008, Tokyo Giken has been registered with the Working Environment Measurement Agency, which was established under the Industrial Health and Safety Act with the aim to protect the health of workers in the workplace. According to the law, the purpose of Working Environment Measurement is to “design, sample and analyze the air environment and other elements of the workplace to understand the state of the workplace,” and among other factors, Tokyo Giken has approval to measure levels specified chemical substances such as formalin and benzene.
Let Tokyo Giken help provide a safer and healthier environment for all medical workers and patients alike by assuring, in any workplace in which potentially harmful chemicals are used, that the operating rooms and other working areas, by inspecting and analyzing sounds, smells, dust and other harmful substances.


Quality Policy

With passion, enthusiasm, and persistence,

  1. We listen attentively to the needs of our customers and provide products to their trust and satisfaction.
  2. We understand the importance of our products as medical devices, and follow all related laws and regulations.
  3. Set clear goals based on our quality policy, and through striving to attain our goals, maintain our quality policy and make constant improvements.

Keisuke Watanabe, President