Message from CEO


Dental Medical Devices from Japan

Office Hour: 9:00 - 17:30 (GMT+9)

Message from CEO

Company founder

CHAIRMAN:Masayuki Watanabe


Since its foundation on July in 1965, Tokyo Giken, Inc has grown to become Japan`s leading manufacturer of dental vacuum systems. Our slogan has been based on passion, enthusiasm, and desperate efforts.

President's message


Tokyo Giken, Inc. has been responding dentist`s requests and has been offering various kinds of central suction system, which are for dental treatment, technical treatment, and external oral. 
Fortunately, we have a better record on actual achievement as manufacturer of dental vacuum systems in Japan and accept the nomination, which is that dental vacuum system is Tokyo Giken, Inc. Recently, we have produced Dual plus series products, which are useful for making space in the dental operatory room more compact. We also have produced Clean area plus and Luminance light, which make it possible to build the environment of the operatory room by reducing construction schedule and expenses. By doing so, we will make contribution to our customers as clean and safe Tokyo Giken, Inc., which pursues safer and more comfortable operatory environment.

President: Keisuke Watanabe

Corporate philosophy

  1. Think what should be done now
  2. Respond speedily
  3. Observe a finalized decision strictly

With these in each of our minds, Tokyo Giken, being geared toward becoming the only one in the field of environmental issues in dental and medical practices, has focused on developing products to maintain a clean and safe environment.  That allowed us to earn good reputation from customers and offer high quality products that satisfy customers.

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